Tony Roberts : I’m a Magician Get Me Out of Here @ The Parlour, Stirling 24/2/2019

Interactive illusion and comedy for all ages. Tony Roberts has managed to create a show that is entertaining for both kids and adults with his show, Tony Roberts: I’m a Magician Get Me Out of Here using sleight of hand, illusion and the ability to contort.

Tony Roberts very clearly still believes in magic and wants to share it with children and keep it alive for adults. This show is only possible to orchestrate through audience involvement creating an interactive experience. The look of wonder on a young girl’s face was the entertainment for the adults, as all the children were mouthing wow and furtively asking parents, ‘how did he do that?’.

Many of the jokes were lost on the kids in the audience – and even some of the adults! As a parent in what would usually be considered a children’s show –  I appreciated the humour.

The finale of the show will have you gasping in wonder and leaving you how it is possible. Keeping the magic of illusion and escapology alive for kids and adults alike.

You can see this show, with or without kids to accompany you, at Le Cascadeur at The Garden of Unearthly Delights until 17 March.

Fringe Review By Ilona Schultz

For tickets, show dates and times to Tony Roberts : I’m a Magician Get Me Out of Here head to Fringe-Tix

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