I wanna tell you a little story bout house.
House Music.
House Music?
Yeah you know House.

At the dawn of the era of dance music, house, acid house, warehouse parties and raves, Adelaide, and this will surprise many of you, was MILES ahead of Melbourne or Sydney. Adelaide was the very epicentre of dance culture in the country. We held the first raves, we had our own artists, record labels, magazines. It was a real…scene! DJ’s turned artist were massively popular and local DJs were often a bigger draw than visiting International acts.

Through it all one of the most popular acts was Groove Terminator. He started off as a hip hop artist, but found his groove in the house scene, playing inspiring, and now legendary, sets and putting out records and mix tapes. In the last few years he has been a big part of the Australian version of The Ministry of Sound show with a full orchestra (which has yet to reach Adelaide, but fingers are still crossed). It is one of those infamous mix tapes, House 5, that is the basis of tonight’s show at The Moa.

Let’s say up front that House 5 is no ordinary DJ set. Yes, GT is set up front and centre but joining him is a TWENTY piece Gospel choir. It’s an inspired concept. Twenty voices sing live over his flawless, driving house beats, which mashes up a mountain of club favourites, anthems and everything from deep house cuts to Nirvana and Blur.

The beat is infectious, the bass lines compelling you feet to move (there is an ample dance floor as well as tiered seating), and you find yourself lost in the rhythm and joining the choir belting out Dr Alban’s Sing Hallelujah before you even realise it’s happening. The choir adds a few element to proceeding that I wasn’t expecting. Far from a regular ‘church’ choir who stand stock still, the Adelaide Gospel Choir, are dancing their arses off. They are twerking, getting down and having a ball. Along with some vintage video graphics on the rear screen, the choir, the dancing, the club lighting, the euphoric joyousness – all add up to something really special.

At one point GT borrows a line from the Faithless classic, God is a DJ when he shouts ‘THIS IS OUR CHURCH’. Amen to that. 

Fringe Review By Ian Bell

Three more opportunities to shake your ass at GT’s House 5. Sat Feb 23, March 2nd and 10th. Tickets from Fringe-Tix.