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Fresh off the back of announcing two special performances in Sydney and Melbourne this November, Finn Andrews (of The Veils) returns with his new single A Shot Through the Heart (Then Down in Flames) – the latest offering from forthcoming debut solo album, One Piece At A Time.

Led by Finn’s distinctive vocal and showcasing the kind of skilful songwriting that’s already won The Veils a huge, dedicated fan base, A Shot Through the Heart (Then Down in Flames) displays a more personal and self-exploratory side to Finn, especially when compared to The Veils’ 2016 album Total Depravity.

“It’s a lot more autobiographical than I intended,” says Finn on the new album. “The last Veils records had a lot of writing from other perspectives but this one has a lot less of that and a lot more from… well, from me I guess. It’s always been personal, so it’s a different way of getting at the same thing, I suppose. Honestly I don’t exactly know why it’s different this time, or why these songs have a different feeling, but they do.”

The Alternative music scene couldn’t be more delighted then to see the early beginnings of band Sinclaire. Born and raised in the heart of sydney suburbs vocalist Michael Cross, drummer Lachlan McDonald, guitarists Aiden Turner and Joshua Gonzalez & keyboardist Jake Sheath have made an incredible mark on crafting a new and unique sound, borrowing cues from indie, pop and rock n’ roll. Together the band have worked tirelessly writing, and recording for their anticipated EP set for release in early 2019.

Headspace evokes a sense of pain and emotion through its lyrical depth and descriptions of self critique. However, there is a serenity depicted in the lively instrumentation creating an almost nostalgic feeling. Merging the two very opposing emotions truly depicts the message Sinclaire are trying to portray.”

“Headspace Is about the reflection upon the impact that excessive self-critique can have on your personality, creativity and mental health – It gave me the opportunity to vocalise the consequences this cycle can create in an effort to realise that you need to appreciate the things you do & maintain a balance between the two perspectives” – Michael Cross

Stemming from the Northern Territory, Valentina Brave is set to debut her single I Met A Man. Taken from her upcoming EP WILDFLOWER, the track, reminiscent of a 70s Betty Davis style anthem is a raw and unapologetic heavy soul war-cry against the status quo, defining Brave as a feminine force to be reckoned with.

Australian favourites The Delta Riggs today return with a stomping new single, Out Of Place. The track is the second taste from their upcoming fourth album, and resonates with a feeling of disconnect in the modern age.

Out Of Place is geared around The Delta Riggs’ unwavering authenticity, focusing on the importance of real, candid human connection in a digital age, and the unhealthy disconnect that is implicit in purely online relationships.

The track follows a similar narrative to previous single Fake That which served as a wake-up call for an age where Insta-fame, AR, and #fakenews dominate our digital realm. This sincere approach to songwriting saw Fake That score a high rotation add on triple j leading into a sold out national headline tour, and clock up over 300k streams across platforms in just three months.

The Gooch Palms are well and truly back. After taking some well deserved down time following extensive touring across the globe and a few years spent in Los Angeles after the release of their second album, Introverted Extroverts, The Goochies have since burst out of the gates with three new tunes. Smash hit Busy Bleeding dominated the airwaves since it’s release earlier this year, followed shortly after by an “out of this world” ode to the super natural; Marfa Lights. And now, what will surely be the feel good hit of the summer, the aptly named Summertime.

“Miles away we’ll be today… Oooooh yeah, you’re stretched out on a beach towel spread upon the white sands of Palombaggia Beach, in the South of France. You sip a Mauresque cocktail while watching the azure waves gently lap the shore. A bead of sweat drips from your temple down your cheek as the warm sun shines down. You hop up, walk to the waters edge, and slowly walk into the shallow water. It’s the perfect temperature for a hot summers day. As the water rises to your knees you plunge yourself into the crystal clear water and glide, weightless below the waves. Or maybe your just listening to THE feel good hit of this summer Summertime by The Gooch Palms!” Kat & Leroy from The Gooch Palms.

Set It Off are pleased to announce that they will release their brand new album Midnight on February 1 2019 through Caroline Australia & Fearless Records. The album is available for pre-order at and was produced by Mike Green (Neck Deep, All Time Low, State Champs) with additional production by Brandon Paddock (Panic! At the Disco, Papa Roach, The Used, Daughtry).

The band has just shared the music video for the upbeat and effervescent new track Lonely Dance. The new video follows the previously released track Killer In The Mirror, sitting at 2 million views on Youtube. The new track serves as a preview to some of the band’s upcoming, most edgy and pop-driven anthems to date.

Carson elaborated further about the visual, saying, “It’s honestly my favorite music video of ours to date. As far as the concept, how can you get more isolated than space? It was an unbelievable experience to work on a set so intricate and beautiful as that spaceship and the team behind the camera were just amazing!”

Two-time Grammy nominated DJ and Producer Steve Aoki has released the music video for his hit single Waste It On Me (feat. BTS). The highly anticipated video features a knockout all Asian-American cast and director, with stars such as Ross Butler from 13 Reasons Why, Ken Jeong from Crazy Rich Asians and The Hangover, Devon Aoki from Sin City 2, and many more – a true triumph for Asian representation in mainstream media, and a star-studded showcase of talent.

The video begins with a shot of Aoki and his crew entering a nightclub with the owner played by Jamie Chung and Ben Baller, followed by Ross Butler who is on a steamy date with Devon Aoki. The viewer is then taken to a hopelessly in love Ken Jeong, whose character is a waiter at the club where he fawns over Devon, his next customer. As Jeong daydreams of winning a sing-off against Butler and sweeping Devon off her feet, in turn, the video goes back-and-forth with clips of Steve DJing and cameos of clubgoers doing karaoke Leonardo Nam, Vincent Rodriguez, Jimmy Yang, Jessica Lu, and more.

With the roar of summer festivals behind them and continuing the success of their highest charting album in a decade Let’s Go Sunshine, The Kooks have today released their new video for Pamela. Directed by Tom Ewbank (Tom Misch, Million Miles, Jordan Rakei), it is their latest offering from their fifth album Let’s Go Sunshine – the band’s first album through Lonely Cat/AWAL Recordings.

Filmed against the backdrop of the now derelict Margate Lido, the video follows the four-piece as they enjoy the town’s faded British grandeur in the sunshine. With the sunshine of the greatest British summer on record in full beam, the video makes us long for those longer days.

JXN (pronounced Jackson) has released his debut single Solitude. Born Jackson Brazier, he’s made a name for himself amassing more than a million followers across YouTube and Instagram but now the 25 year old is embarking on his most important venture yet, as one of Australia’s most promising new artists.

Solitude is an impossibly accomplished introduction that defines who JXN is an artist. It’s a slick, late night jam blending modern RnB influences with pop sensibilities inspired in part by DIY Soundcloud artists who have crossed over into the mainstream.

Solitude was created in Sweden with local writer and producer Johan Gustafson who has worked with Icona Pop and Korean megastars Girls Generation. Together, they’ve written something that’s raw and honest with JXN digging up past relationships and detailing that emotional roller coaster of staying with someone even though you know it’s not quite right.

Yorke is thrilled to share her evocative new video for debut single First Light. Produced and co-written by Chris Collins (Tigertown), the First Light video takes cue from the nostalgic aura from the song. With its filmic quality, the clip follows Yorke on new voyage, exploring thoughts of her past yet experiencing the excitement of first times.

Yorke says, “being able to turn my vision for First Light into something I’m proud of was so much fun. I really wanted to add some footage that allows listeners to get to know me and my personality, so we ran around the city in the pouring rain. Never expected I’d be doing that for my first music video.”

Shot and directed by Jaen Collective most known for producing Australian music videos for Paces, Nicole Millar and B-Wise who for the latter was nominated for a J Award for Best Video.

SLIPKNOT has returned with a brand new track, All Out Life. The unrelenting new track is joined by an official music video – directed by the band’s own M. Shawn Crahan – which is streaming now on Slipknot’s official YouTube channel.

SLIPKNOT’s Corey Taylor explained “All Out Life is a song that is trying to do 2 things: bring everyone together, but also remind everyone that the past is not something to be discarded with disdain. People are so eager to find the Next Big Thing sometimes that they shit all over the bands and artists that have come before, thus making the past feel disposable, like a dirty thing. Fuck that: why should we pay attention to your mediocre future when you can’t be bothered to celebrate an amazing past? I’d rather listen to a guaranteed hit than a forced miss. All Out Life is the anthem that reminds people that it’s not the date on the music- it’s the staying power.”

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