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FERLA continue to deliver on their distinctive after-dark pop. Turning the personal into the confessional into the communal, FERLA combine the moments of late-night flirtation and morning-after revelation and distil it into their own sultry mess. FERLA’s newest offering The Human Heart is an upbeat sad-banger full of their characteristic pathos and lush synth-warble.

“‘The Human Heart’ is a relationship condensed into the meeting and the falling apart. How do you condense an entire relationship, with all its quirks and idiosyncrasies and depth, into a song that goes for three-and-a-half minutes? You can’t, but I tried anyway. ‘The Human Heart’ is a celebration of the artlessness of love, the fun and stupidity of it. The heart is incomprehensible. More songs should be written about it.” says vocalist and songwriter Giuliano Ferla.

Macklemore has dropped a new video for How To Play The Flute, an album cut from his US GOLD-Certified release Gemini. The video, which was directed by Jake Magraw, is a wild ride through a trippy hypnosis. It features Louisiana rapper King Draino as well as a cameo by Macklemore’s daughter.

Gemini, Macklemore’s first solo effort in 12 years, was released in September of 2017 and saw him return to Australia for a string sold out East Coast tour dates in February, while the album debuted at #3 on the ARIA Album chart and #1 on the iTunes Album chart. The album includes the 4x Platinum and ARIA #2 single Glorious (featuring Skylar Grey), the Double Platinum Good Old Days (featuring Kesha) as well as Marmalade (featuring Lil Yachty), which have reached over 400 million views combined on Youtube. Collectively Macklemore’s music videos have been viewed over 2.7 billion times and he is one of only two rappers to have a US Diamond-certified single.

Muse have released Something Human, the new single taken from their upcoming album which will be released this November. Co-produced by the band and Rich Costey and mixed by Mark ‘Spike’ Stent, Something Human is an uplifting, cinematic, yet intimate track that lyrically addresses the need to reset and re-engage with our human emotions.

Matt Bellamy says:
“Life on the road can bring out your inner beast, this song and video is about taming that beast, desiring a return to something human. Plus, Teen Wolf is cool”.

The video for Something Human was directed by Lance Drake, who also directed the band’s video for Dig Down and Thought Contagion.

Drake says:
“Our aim with Something Human was to continue the journey that began in Dig Down and Thought Contagion. Pulling further into a simulated world we follow Matt, Dom, and, Chris on the chase of a lifetime – where something as simple as returning some video tapes becomes an epic journey.”

Be sure to watch to the very end of the video!

With Confidence have released another new song from their upcoming album Love and Loathing, the band’s second full length, out August 10 on Hopeless Records. Jaded is about how you can’t make someone love you and the track explores the “tangled hurt, confusion, and self-loathing we feel as consequence,” says vocalist and bassist Jayden Seeley.

Over the past 9 years, the phenomenon of men approaching the women of the Last Drinks with advice prefaced by “The gig was great, but…” has become a running joke that’s not funny anymore for Cash Savage and her bandmates.

Pack Animals calls out this behaviour as a manifestation of toxic masculinity and how it affects everyone, regardless of gender, the clip is a comical take on a serious issue. “Lately I’ve been looking at stock images and thinking about how the actors are set up in ‘real life’ situations that don’t look like real life at all, and we just accept all these photos in our everyday world,” says Cash. “Also, the statement’s in the lyrics, and I fucking hate acting. I wanted to create something that was watchable, that didn’t require a whole lot of acting talent from myself.”

Thelma Plum’s (Gamilaraay) long awaited follow up to her Monsters EP (2014) is the new single Clumsy Love, which sets the tone for what this singer-songwriter has in store for us for the rest of the year and beyond. Clumsy Love is available to stream or purchase here.

Thelma comments on the track – “The year just gone has been a really rough one for me and Clumsy Love is my reflections on that – and I have to say I am far happier with the song than with the memories.” To coincide with the release of Clumsy Love, Thelma has also announced a national single tour for late August/September.

The Kooks today revealed Four Leaf Clover; the latest track taken from their forthcoming album Let’s Go Sunshine, which is due out on 31st August via Lonely Cat/AWAL Recordings.

Four Leaf Clover follows the fortunes of a down-and-out girl, who turns to drugs and alcohol to battle the loss of her lover. Despite its dark subject matter, it’s just the slice of acoustic guitar-driven pop rock that launched The Kooks into the spotlight over a decade ago. Luke Pritchard’s instantly recognisable vocals flow effortlessly over a rousing rhythm and energetic guitar licks, making Four Leaf Clover an infectious retelling of an all too familiar tale.

Arctic Monkeys release the title track from their current Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino album, today, Tuesday 24th July. The video for the track was directed by Ben Chappell and Aaron Brown and shot in and around Reno, Nevada.

The band’s new album Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino is out now, via all outlets and debuted at number one on the ARIA chart. In addition, the album is the fastest selling vinyl album of the last 25 years in the UK.

One of Australia’s most loved bands Dead Letter Circus have released their brand new single The Real You into the world. To coincide with the release, the band has also shared eagerly awaited details on their forthcoming self-titled album.

Lyrically, the album strikes at the heart of what makes humans tick, and the insecurities and psychological foibles that can make us all so fragile. This is never more evident than in the band’s anthemic new single The Real You, which sees frontman Kim Benzie examining the culture shift brought about by social media.

“The Real You’ was me absorbing the cultural changes that have grown around Social Media” says Benzie. “Life should be a journey towards letting go of the mask you create with your insecurities when you’re young. It feels like we’ve accidently created a culture where the concept of the mask is now what you aspire towards. The song is about craving an interaction that doesn’t have a filter.”

Scorching times demand scorching tracks. Hardcore temperatures sizzle sweetly with hardcore beats – and maybe a bit of acid squelch. Who better, then, to roar in than the original electronic music trailblazers?

Presenting Need Some1, the frankly pounding first single from The Prodigy’s forthcoming album. It is, if you like, vintage futurism, a banger that features a classic house diva vocal sample from Loleatta Holloway (the original “voice” of Black Box’s ‘Ride On Time’).

“I wanted to write something that had downtempo swagger, but still felt dangerous,” says the band’s Liam Howlett, introducing the single alongside an explosive video shot in Manila by Paco Raterta. “After being sent loads of pedestrian video director showreels,” says Liam, “Paco’s style stood out and punched me in the face: just so raw and original-looking, I knew he was the man for us. The finished video has such violent edge and style and looks like nothing else we have seen – to us it’s only worth doing a video if you can make something original and exciting, which this is.”

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