Glorious Misfits @ Space Theatre, Adelaide 10/6/2018

Goodness gracious me. Is a crisp day outside but it doesn’t take the Glorious Misfits to be getting everybody hot under the collar.

Hosted by the glamtastic Miss Frisky, Glorious Misfits lives up to it name right from the start with five sexy performers doing remarkable and risque acts in quick succession. Miss Frisky is belting out songs in the audience before the besparkeled Mark ‘Captain Kidd’ Winmill has the room gasping and braying for more as he twirls more and more hula hoops while taking off more and more clothing. Fantastic routine. The Naughty Boy is out in the audience also, playing with his school lunch and boggling minds with a Rubic’s Cube. Burlesque Hall of Famer Imogen Kelly performs a stunning tradition fan dance, which combines eroticism, comedy and class. Straight faced juggler Davey Gravey juggles apples to the MC5’s Kick Out The Jams, which I wasn’t expecting!

Lily Martinez has the room guessing were she keeps making that red handkerchief go as she removes every stitch of clothing and is still making it disappear, before making it appear from a most unexpected place. Miss Frisky sings Prince’s Kiss to a samba beat and gets to know the audience close up. Captain Froddo I first saw maybe twenty years ago as part of the Happy Sideshow, he was remarkable then and even more so now. Hilarious, bendy, Froddo fits through things he shouldn’t be able to fit through, while making all of us squirm with discomfort while gasping for air.

The Naughty boy returns for some Yo-Yo action. Back in my school days Coca Cola would bring Yo-Yo champions from around the world to appear in schools and shopping centres doing incredible yo-yo tricks while selling a lot of yo-yo’s strings and coke. That isn’t a thing anymore, but this guy has got some great yo-yo mojo. And keeps pulling off complicated yo-yo tricks while getting his kit off and performing a finale which would have had me expelled from my school if I’d tried it in the schoolyard.

The pace is frenetic, you barely have a second to absorb what you have just witnessed before the next amazing thing starts. There is a sexy bombast to these performers, a strength and confidence, which is exhilarating. Lily Martinez returns with not much costume to speak of and proceeds to perform a trick so hot You Am I invited her to repeat it during their Spinal Tap show later in the night.

Davey Gravey returns chomping down spoons of protein powder before giving us a tradition plate spinning act with a twist, he marvellous and perhaps on  a watch list somewhere. Froddo balances on ever smaller buckets until he is way above the stage telling us to embrace our dreams. It’s a lovely moment.

When the reach the end all the performers dance out to Frisky singing the Ce Ce Peniston disco classic Finally. It is an hour an a hour roller coaster ride of strange and sexy fun. All killer.

These Misfits were indeed Glorious.

Adelaide Cabaret Review by Ian Bell

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