The world outside this venue has been wiped out by the inevitable global apocalypse (it was bound to come in Mad March right?). Outside this awesome venue, the streets burn with radiation and destruction, whatever is left of humankind is mutated beyond any recognition. We are all that is left. What are we going to do? How will we navigate this post-apocalyptic nightmare? Who will lead us? We need somebody amazing. Somebody strong. Somebody….cool. Thank our lucky stars, then that we have the remarkable Laurie Black.

It’s International Women’s Day.
It’s Laurie’s birthday.
Let’s do this!

Laurie Black is having a busy Fringe. She’s in Anya Anastasia’s band. She’s hosting an excellent late night variety show down in Gluttony and tonight she is giving us all the tips we need to survive and thrive in a world that has gone to hell in a hand basket. It’s a cabaret show, but it’s a proper ‘alternative’ cabaret. Edgy and cool. Black is fantastically likeable and everybody feels that they are in good hands for the awaiting brave new world. She sings, plays piano, she is using the whole room.

The songs are a combination of originals like I’m Sorry I’m Not Sorry, White Lightning (Moonshine) and Taking My Time, and refreshingly deconstructed songs we already know. The Rage Against The Machine anthem Killing In The Name Of becomes a jazzy knees up, and she delights in getting us to do what she tells us to do, even if that is to sing that we won’t do what we are told to do. There is a great version of the Johnny Cash version of the Nine Inch Nails song Hurt. Her striking make-up is removed during the show and then reapplied in four minutes with the help of an audience member, a sharpie and REM’s It’s The End of The World As We Know It. And along the way Laurie is giving us survival tips and telling us things we are happy to hear.

As we file out into night, we are more prepared to get through a world in disrepair (conceptually and actually).

Its Blacks second Fringe in Adelaide and it won’t be her last.

Four Stars

Fringe Review by Ian Bell

Laurie Black live season has finished, but Bad Luck Cabaret still has shows on the 16th and 17th of March at La Petite Grand @ Gluttony at 11:20pm.