In my opinion Marcel Lucont is one of the great comic creations of the last decade. The shoeless, arrogant, well dressed ‘French man’ has wit as dry as the wine he sips throughout the evening. I have seen him many times and he never fails to have me in convulsions with his perfect timing, magnificent material and an acid tongue. There is a subtlety to the performance which is hard to define. He isn’t loud and shouty like many stand-ups. He is utterly believable in the role of the uppity, sexually potent, libertine, bon-viveur.

The premise of The Whine List is that everybody has had a bad day at work, a terrible intimate encounter, overseas experience. And Marcel encourages you to tell him yours for discussion with the group. He has a collection of tales, much more excruciating than anything most people come up with. There is audience interaction but he’s not picking on anybody (although he might be picking on everybody). His ability to ride the audience‘s responses (and sometimes the lack of the same) with laser precision sarcasm, genuinely hilarious off the cuff reactions, is a joy to watch.

Along the way he reads us a racy poem and sings us an even racier song. There is a great movie (despite some technically issues) and he has one of the funniest pieces of merchandise of any Fringe act.

He might not be in the Garden or Gluttony, or the RCC, but Lucont is one of the best tickets in town. You had best be baguetting a ticket tout sweet.

Marcel Lucont – The Whine List, is at The Howling Owl at 7pm each night til March 17 (no show Mondays).

Four and A Half Stars

Fringe Review by Ian Bell

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