Y’know, Adelaide does Burlesque well. All the local shows I’ve seen have been of an incredibly high standard, the performers are original, bold and funny. There are, of course, all sorts of different styles of burlesque, from bump and grind, traditional tease, comedic, artistic, titillating and ridiculous. Bazinga Burlesque have put all that into a big ol’ blender with the theme of Nerd culture and are presenting a show full of sexy routines based around video games, cult TV shows and cartoons.

The impressive opening has the cast in military outfits (not very big military outfits it must be said) facing off against a ‘sexual’ Predator (their words not mine) while a drone (a real one!) hovers over head. Spongebob Squarepanys gets up to some business probably not intended by his creators. Saskia De Muir’s Doctor Who performance is a highlight with a very different take on what’s inside a TARDIS. The exceptionally bendy Pixie Piper (current Miss Nude World petite amazes on the pole and as a fire breathing Daenerys from Game of Thrones.

Bazinga is the creation of Mema Sifa, who is the performer I always think of when people think burlesque is ‘just fancy stripping’. Her Super Mario routine is really funny, it’s a perfect mix tonight or cheeky raunch and nerd-a-licious references, without ever getting too nudey. She is a great performer and personifies the side of the art that is more to do with the performance and humour in burlesque than the disrobing. Another fantastic example of this is the steamy Harry Potter story about the ‘forbidden love’ between two lead characters tonight played by Saphire Snow and Saskia. Don’t think it’s a burlesque show with no nudity, because there is twerking buttocks, tassle twirling bosoms and legs for miles. The evenings MC is the extremely excellent Angus Hodge, former Adelaide and now Melbourne based comedian, whose good nature, quick wit and love of nerd culture glue everything together perfectly. The finale will take your breath away.

Four Stars

Fringe Review by Ian Bell

For more info and tickets to Bazinga! Nerdlesque Nights head to https://adelaidefringe.com.au/fringetix/bazinga-nerdlesque-nights-af2018