Fringe can be tough going. Now that Fringe sprawls out over five weekends and there are six billion shows on vying for bottoms on seats, it can be hard for enough punters to find their way to shows no matter what they are. With three major hubs (Garden, Glutony and RCC) some other excellent venues get over looked by the general populace. Rhino Room in Pirie and The German Club in Flinders Street are both such venues. Everything I have seen at GC has been high quality, they have a selection of great rooms, the production is top notch and the staff helpful and accommodating. Drinks are reasonable and there is Bratwurst.

On a Thursday night I find myself in an intimate audience of thirteen for Nicky Wilkinson’s lovely show Happy. You might think that she would be more happy with a few more people in the audience, but you’d never know it. Essentially a show about things that make her happy, the other main angle is to make us happy too. She takes us on a fun filled hour of audience participation, party games, we break a world record, and there are lollies and free bakery.

It is the sort of show that is never going to be exactly the same twice, as the interactions with the audience would be different each time. As one half of the fabulous Kagools, Wilkinson is having a busy Fringe, and Happy is good natured and highly entertaining way to spend an hour.

Three & A Half Stars

Fringe Review by Ian Bell