A gentle and dreamy puppetry show by two skilled performers, The Secret Life of Suitcases told the story of Larry, a man somewhat trapped by his dreary everyday. Through the magical intervention of a flying suitcase, which arrives unexpectedly at his door, Larry is taken on an amazing journey. The performers’ amazing interaction with the puppets and the set, as they moved in and out of the play and the backdrop, created a wonderful experience for the audience.

The simple story of Larry learning to take time to enjoy “spaghetti on the beach” resonated with lots of the adults in the audience, and the children enjoyed the fantasy elements of the show, with deserted islands, rocket ships, and fluffy creatures called Quorks combining to take Larry on a life-changing adventure. A gorgeous experience for children, keep an eye out for Hetherington and Cohen in future Fringes.

The Secret Life of Suitcases was located at Grounded, a pop-up Fringe precinct for children at Victoria Square. Grounded was a new initiative and fantastically successful on the weekend we visited – there were families all through the Northern half of the Square, watching the free performances of Mist Me (a water play show), listening to Aboriginal Elders telling creation stories and participating in a weaving project, hooting and hollering through the interactive Megaphone Project soundscape, playing with the giant construction set, and eating delicious food and drinks from the range of food carts. Here’s hoping they bring it back next year!

Four and A Half Stars

Fringe Review by Jordan Bell