During the Fringe in 2010 I found myself doing that classic Fringe thing, where you end up in an audience for a show you don’t know anything about, which blows your mind by the end. Red Bastard is a unique mix of comedy, physical theatre, clowning, psychology, improvisation, audience interaction, poking around in the dark places of our minds, confrontation and joy. He appears with his distorted torso and buttocks making him instantly cartoonish and impishly other worldly. He actually looks like one of the Blue Meanies off siders has just materialized from The Beatles Yellow Submarine animated movie. He moves oddly, like an erratic ballet dancer falling off a cliff and all of these things are designed to put you off balance, and they do. He had the entire audience change seats, immediately involving everybody and disrupting the passive nature of an audience.

Created by Eric Davis, Red Bastard is often rude, lewd and can make you feel uncomfortable. That said, for those brave enough to go and climb on the Red Bastard train, it is an exhilarating, high speed thrill ride of a show. It will make you ask yourself questions and might even change your life. He can be strangely charming and definitely effecting. Like any roller coaster ride it’s fear, exhilaration, joy and endorphins.

Lie With Me is a show about love, lust, sexual freedom and fear and the lies associated with finding it, keeping it or the love we give or deny ourselves. In previous years audience members have quit their job, confessed to having an affair, proposed marriage, called out a bad friendship, mended an eight year family rift. There is a line in the press release that says at the end of a show some people want to hug him and some people want to punch him.

Find out for yourself when Red Bastard returns for his third Adelaide Fringe (he was here in 2014 too) and prepare for a bumpy ride with the lumpy one.

Red Bastard – Lie With Me plays for the entire Fringe from February 16th to March 18th at the Parasol Lounge at Gluttony. Tickets from Fringetix https://adelaidefringe.com.au/fringetix/red-bastard-lie-with-me-af2018