Remember when the world of the magician was all pulling rabbits out of a hat? A cane into a bunch of flowers and an Abracadabra? Well in more recent history audiences have become more evolved, aware and sceptical so magicians and illusionists have upped the magic game to mind blowing levels. David Copperfield, David Blane, Chris Angel have all achieved incredible success by doing things your brain says are impossible.

Anybody who has seen an episode of Penn & Tellers Fool Us TV show, will be aware that there are legions of new acts doing magic and illusion, in innovative ways, from all over the world. The best thing about watching that show is when the cynical, seen-it-all-Vegas legends, get out done by a contestant. My favourite being the UK duo of Time Travelling Magicians Morgan & West, who some Fringes back crushed my brain to pieces more than once. It’s on YouTube, check it out.

Ben Hart won the won the Magic Circle’s “Young Magician of the Year” when he was just sixteen years old and now ten years later he is blowing people’s minds on a regular basis in his own solo shows, as part of the touring all star production Impossible and turning up as a regular on what seems like a crazy amount of magic based TV shows in the UK (Now You See It, Killer Magic) and has his on web series called Life Hacks on BBC3 online.

A teller of tall tales, mad inventor and sleight-of-hand master, Ben’s performances are a dark, beautiful, baffling and wickedly funny treasure trove of impossible mysteries, visual alchemy, outrageous lies and brutal honesty. Magic shows just aren’t supposed to be this… real.

Ben’s magic and slight of hand ranges from the small and intricate.


To big scale set pieces.

So you can be sure you will be leaving his show scratching your head and wondering ‘How the hell did he do that?’.

Ben Hart – Belief is on at Parasol lounge at Gluttony from Feb 16 – Mar 18 7pm tickets from Fringetix :