People have many preconceived notions about a drag show. Some of them may even be valid but like any good escapist entertainment if you give into it and let it take hold of you for an hour, honey you are going to have a ball. A glitter ball probably!  Can tell you right up front here you had better hurry up if you were thinking about going to see this show. Opening night is PACKED and completely sold out! By this time tomorrow the word is going to be well and truly out and there is going to be a scramble for tickets.

Our host, the fabulous Karen From Finance is a glamorous blitz of curves OTT wigs and costumes and unbelievable keyboard skills. She introduces each turn from the team of talented and glitzy performers. From Hannie Helsden’s I dream of Jeannie/genie in a bottle cuteness and impressive hula hooping skills, Jandruze’s sandwich break. and fantastic and hilarious mash ups and elaborate costumes are constant. Beni Lola’s show stopping version of Bette Mildred The Rose was a huge crowd favorite tonight. But my absolute favourite act tonight was Valerie Hex’s starting lip-synching to Ann Margret’s How Lovely To Be a Woman from the musical Bye Bye Birdie, morphing into a death metal tap dancing routine, that had me doubled over laughing.

Whatever you might think a drag show is, Yummy will cover all the bases, but is one of the funniest glam-tastic shows this Fringe. Get your tickets early or miss out on something really Yummy.

Five Stars

Review by Ian Bell

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