This week in The Singles Bar #11, Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles features:

Muse have released their brand new single Thought Contagion which is available on all digital platforms now. The accompanying video is available to watch here. Directed by Lance Drake (who also helmed the band’s Dig Down video) Thought Contagion is an ‘80s infectious neon love story.

Matt Bellamy said of the track “The meaning of the song Thought Contagion is about how other people’s thoughts, ideas and beliefs can sometimes infect your mind, get into your head and change the way you think yourself”.

Invada Records and Remote Control Records are excited to announce Wild Word, the new album from Space Invadas, is to be released on Friday 13th April. Today, the duo share a new single and video for Now That I Know. Along with previously released single ‘Wild World ft. Remi’ this marks the first new material from the duo after the seven years since their debut record Soul-Fi.

The accompanying film clip is a modern take on a traditional soul vibe, projecting Steve into a futuristic world of neon soul. While there, he explores the act of falling in love, and ponders whether it is worth the pain that ensues when the love is lost. With an orchestral backing, the song uplifts while maintaining a melancholy undertone. Steve’s delivery perfectly captures a feeling of lost love, and harkens back to sounds of the duo’s first collaboration, the critically acclaimed How Bout Us.

With its roots in the world of modern soul, Wild World touches on many other genres of contemporary music, especially hip hop. Featured album vocalists include MC’s Guilty Simpson and Remi along with soul vocalist Natalie Slade.

Iceage present new song, Catch It, their first new material since 2014’s critically acclaimed Plowing Into The Field of Love. Produced by the band – Elias Bender Rønnenfelt (vocals, lyrics), Jakob Tvilling Pless (bass), Dan Kjær Nielse (drums), and Johan Wieth (guitar) – and Nis Bysted, Catch It was recorded all-analog by Mattias Glavå at Kungsten Studios in Göteborg, Sweden.

It’s an intoxicating return for the Danish four-piece that presents a sophisticated new range. Rønnenfelt’s poetic lyrics plumb the deepest corners of human emotion – intimacy, betrayal, and contemplation – as he sings “Time moves forward quickly / Moves in twenty-four-hour segments / Racing for the soul to grab chokehold”. The song’s accompanying video was directed by Adam Hashemi and shot on 8mm film in Los Angeles.

I OH YOU is thrilled to present DMA’S brand new single and video for In The Air and to reveal the details for the band’s hugely anticipated sophomore album titled For Now due for release on Friday 27 April.

Premiering worldwide this morning via triple j, In The Air reveals a softer side to the Sydney hailing group, with sweeping production and day-dream inducing lyrics that shine a light on the band’s much-loved talent for pop-writing. Written on an old piano a few years back, the lyrics of this ballad create an emotional journey. “I can’t say, where will I be when the world stops shaking, I can’t stay, where will I be when my heart’s still breaking” vocalist Tom O’Dell’s sweet vocal croons, “it’s in the air, there’s something in the way she drifts up there”.

Santorini – The Greek Islands. So many relationships are cemented on this island of paradise. What’s more romantic than watching the sun set on Amoudi bay? Whether it’s an overpriced grilled snapper dish or a donkey ride across the island, this place is the #1 romance spot in the Aegean sea.

But what happens when the fire goes out? Love is always worth saving… why not take a trip to the coast of Santorini?

On this day, Valentines Day, a day of love celebrated, remembered, and lost, “D” grade Sydney celebrity, recording artist and relationship guru Donny Benét serves up his latest offering Santorini – premiered via The Music. Influenced by Giorgio Moroder’s Scarface and the only Ryan Paris hit La Dolce Vita Benét is sure to offer you a tale of hope, begging and extinguished love. Premiering today via The Music, the music video was conceptualised and directed by international man James Pillion. Watch via the image below.

Barely Dressed Records and Remote Control Records are excited to introduce spellbinding indie-folk artist Ryan Downey. To celebrate the signing, Downey today releases the striking video for his new song Running. Premiering on Mornings with Zan Rowe on Double J yesterday and via The Music Network this morning, it is the title track from the debut album due April 13 via Barely Dressed Records / Remote Control.

Like a time-lapse flower, Running reveals itself over the course of three gorgeous minutes. A deftly plucked nylon string guitar is all that is needed to support Ryan’s mesmeric baritone. The first words you’ll ever hear from him are addressed directly to you, “I could write a song to you so sweet, it’d raise you to your feet and you’d come running”….

Cantebury, Kent (UK) rockers Moose Blood have released their new single Have I Told You Enough, the third taste of the band’s highly anticipated new album I Don’t Think I Can Do This Anymore, which will be released on March 9 via Hopeless Records. The song was premiered on Monday afternoon (UK time) by Annie Mac on BBC Radio 1.

“The song is about my relationship with my little one,” says singer Eddy Brewerton. “She’s getting older now and is finding me being away for months at a time harder than she did before. I just wanted to write a song that she could always listen to and know that she is everything to me.”

After a week in which she dropped a mysterious album teaser online and indie record stores worldwide unexpectedly received vinyl copies of a previously unheard song, Courtney Barnett today announced details of her second studio album Tell Me How You Really Feel, and shared its scathing lead single Nameless, Faceless.

First single Nameless, Faceless is an infectious punk rock anthem simmering with indignation and sarcasm as it examines the phenomenon of anonymous internet trolls. Through song, Barnett is using the medium she knows best to return fire.

Every lyric is memorable as Barnett quotes one of the more creative burns she’s received in a comments section, “I could eat a bowl of alphabet soup and spit out better words than you” It would be pure comedy if it didn’t invariably and insidiously cross over into anxiety about ones safety in the real world… illustrated perfectly by the chorus which borrows from a famous Margaret Atwood quote “I want to walk through the park in the dark / Men are scared that women will laugh at them / I want to walk through the park in the dark / Women are scared that men will kill them / I hold my keys between my fingers”.

After working his way to become one of Australia’s most exciting up-and-coming producers with over 20 million Spotify streams and three HypeMachine #1 positions under his belt, Sydney’s Xavier Dunn is now ready to make his mark as an artist in his own right, kicking off 2018 with new single Isic Tutor.

The video, directed by Cole Bennetts (Entropico), explores the idea that as much as you push, pull, and twist, sometimes the outlook remain the same and you end-up searching for answers which just aren’t there.

Dunn notes the single as an “ambient earworm…inspired in part by the ebbs and flows of a tumultuous relationship and in part by the strange wisdom of Isic, an AI character from the video game Battleborn.” The track is written and produced by Xavier himself.

Melbourne singer, song-writer and rapper Dylan Joel has returned with his brand new single, Run to the River and today unleashes the accompanying video for it, shot in the US.

Dylan comments “We shot the video in a desert one hour outside of San Diego, California in a town called Ocotillo. The only things in the town of Ocotillo were a gas station, a saloon and a man who turns recycled junk in to UFO’s…as you do.”

“The story of the song was inspired by the idea of flipping a blues song. Hence the theme of the ‘river’ being something holy or life giving and the reference of a devil whispering. The theme came from some of the typical struggles we face as a society and the importance of questioning what things help us escape them.”

Acclaimed modern pop sensation Ravyn Lenae has released her much-anticipated new EP Crush. Crush is Executive Produced by Steve Lacy (The Internet, Kendrick Lamar), who also joins Lenae on two of its five tracks including the vocal call-and-response, 4 Leaf Clover (track listing attached). The EP is highlighted by the sultry new single, Sticky.

Sticky is drawing wide-ranging critical acclamation, with Pitchfork declaring it Best New Track while raving, “Sticky is a steamy affair with a slinky R&B beat, but Lenae sounds like a playfully annoyed lover, glued into a relationship that‘s falling apart. She uses Lacy’s wide-open production – electric organ and psychedelic guitar strums – to experiment with her vocals…The pacing mirrors all the frantic ups and downs of a teetering relationship, with Lenae storming around Lacy’s instrumental, changing her tone and her mind over and over again. Even through all this relationship drama, Lenae makes falling out sound very fun.”

Rise and shine, Sydney-born, L.A. based singer songwriter, producer and DJ Alison Wonderland makes a stunning return with soaring synth-pop track CHURCH, the first official single from her forthcoming album, AWAKE.

The accompanying video for CHURCH, shot in Los Angeles and directed by Bo Mirosseni, depicts an ethereal Alison and a young gospel choir against a church backdrop, bringing the hypnotic track to life. Underneath its vibrant pop pulse, AWAKE is the sound of Alison emerging from her own darkness. On CHURCH, she reveals her most honest lyrics to date, sharing her personal struggles with difficult relationships, anxiety and self-doubt, explaining that the song is about “realising your self-worth, when the person you’re with doesn’t.”

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