Adelaide native Anya Anastasia has gone from a ground breaking local alternate cabaret (Bird Wizdom) nine years ago to a genuine and innovative Fringe giant. Playing to adoring crowd and salivating critics the world over. She has had a phenomenal run over the past few years. Five star reviews in Edinburgh, named Best in Fringe by The Advertiser last year Cabaret.

This year she is presenting TWO different shows for Fringe. I have yet to see The Executioners (but I will), tonight I went to Rogue Romantic. From her surprise entrance, smashing costume, excellent three piece (and all female) band and a stunning voice, she is a great package. She enlists an audience member to help unwrap that package at one stage (well done Fred, excellent job).

Anastasia exudes complete confidence and sexy intent, with great material, impressive comic timing and done help from various objects of affection in the audience. Without wanting to give too many spoilers, in an action packed show, she has some interesting help with her percussion, sings of lascivious intent,  demonstrates the most unique way to get an audience to clap along and proves she will bend over backwards to please us. Original songs like Apocalypso Party and One True Love are excellent and the closer ‘I’m not crying’ is ace. With a voice that borders on the Kate Bush at times, Anya is part pop and part opera and her staging and lighting are dramatic and a delight.

It’s a world class show from a world class artist.

Four and A Half Stars

Review by Ian Bell

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