Gordon Southern is no stranger to Adelaide or the Fringe. He has been playing here for a decade. He got married to an Adelaide girl. He got unmarried from an Adelaide girl. He’s performed all over the world in over 30 different countries. Last year he played the US and Canada and added award winning writer of movie’s to his portfolio. His style is a charming Gatling gun of perfectly formed one-liners, top notch improv and the occasional historical rap throwdown. After ten years of missing winter and autumn on two sides of the world he returns to Adelaide with his show A Man for Two Seasons.

For the last decade you have been half UK half Australian citizen and Oz has become a second home, are there big differences between comedy audience around the globe?
I have performed almost everywhere English is spoken! Aussies are certainly more laid back than the Brits.. Dutch folk tend to look at comedy like they’re in an art gallery. The Swiss also don’t like to “interrupt” with laughter! But the Serbians… clap each joke and make you feel like a hero.

I loved your show called That’s a Fun Fact last year, I often think you should make one of those stabs that says ‘That’s Not Fake News’ for use whenever Donald Trump, or in fact any politician, is saying….well anything! Is this a good Gordon Southern merchandise opportunity?
Funny you should mention that! I’m doing my Adelaide theatre debut with a radical re-working of that show called “That’s a fact that’s not fun” which is my petulant response to the fact that I have not yet brought down the Trump administration or kept Britain in the European Union. It’s some of the jokes from “that’s a fun fact” but with a darker, angrier tone. And updates.

You are a jolly good comedian with the name Gordon Southern, does this imply the existence of evil comedian called Gordon Northern?
My nemesis! As I follow the summers performing in festivals that include sweltering hot Perth and Adelaide, and tepid Edinburgh, I imagine Gordon Northern in a perpetual winter doing Ski resort gigs, icicles dripping from his scowling face etc.

Last year you co-wrote a flipping movie? The Skydiver & The Scarecrow and it won Best Australian Movie at The Sydney Indie Film Festival. Is this a new direction for you? What is the biggest difference between writing stand-up that you are going to perform yourself and writing a movie?
It’s still kicking goals! I only co-wrote and voiced the thing but it’s got further gongs in the Gong (Wollongong film festival) and just got best screenplay at the Peninsular Film Festival in Victoria. So yes, now I write films and do theatre you’ll be seeing me smoking ostentatiously in cafes and possibly wearing a cravat.

The “movie” is actually a short film so the process was pretty quick. A film director friend ( the very talented Ren Thackham) in Sydney asked if I had any ideas, I had a classic “Skydiver meets Scarecrow” twisted romance story and we nutted it out in Sydney over vats of coffee last year

What is the best Fringe Show you have ever seen?
In recent history Nanette by Hannah Gadsby in Edinburgh and Trigger Warning by Zoe Coombs Marr in Melbourne. proving that Australian comedy is in tip top shape.

Interview by Ian Bell

Gordon Southern : A Man For Two Seasons plays at Producers Warehouse at The Producers, from March 3rd to 18th (no Mondays) 8:30pm.

Tickets available from Fringetix https://adelaidefringe.com.au/fringetix/gordon-southern-a-man-for-two-seasons-af2018