We love an Irish comedian in Australia. There is often a simpatico in senses of humour and the love of a good story. May years ago when visiting that fine country I was staying with a family who were constantly declaring their love for the crack. I thought this an odd thing to be discussing with a relative stranger, but what sounded to me like ‘crack’ was actual ‘the Craic’ (cray-eek) and is loosely translated as ‘the fun’. Sean Quinn and Darren Matthews attended the same primary school in Ireland and now both of them spend a lot of time in Australia. Sean is living right here in Adelaide and was part of Adelaide Comedy’s Next Generation showcase last year. Darren splits his year between Perth and Ireland

You lads are from Ireland, possibly one of the funniest places on Earth, how do you end up living in Adelaide?

Darren: I don’t live in Adelaide, I live in Bessbrook in Armagh back in Ireland. Sean just escaped but nobody likes a show-off.

Sean : You may not be aware of this but Tourism SA had a marketing campaign targeting specific Irish Face book users about the state’s 10c back on recycled empty beer bottles policy. How could I say no to paid beer drinking whilst also saving the environment for our children’s children?

You have played in both Dublin and Dubbo, what about Dubai?

Darren: I haven’t managed Dubai but I did gig in Bangkok, It’s also quite hot, humid and hard to find an Irish bar in. I’ve also played Derry, Dundrum and Derry again.

Sean : It is true the more alliteration in your promo means the better the show. That’s why Darren says we will go to Durban next then Dubai.

How do you deal with a run of 40+ Adelaide heatwave days?

Darren: I find a pool near an aircon in the shade and just leave my nose out of the water to breathe.

Sean: I tend to recycle more.

What is the most mental gig you have ever done?

Darren: Either the mining camp tour of Western Australia or the show I did in an abandoned bank for some squatters. Fire in a barrel and everything. The place looked like Escape from New York.

Sean: I performed a gig last year to a room full of psychiatrists, nurses and social workers. At least I hope it was a gig.

Interview by Ian Bell

Sean Quinn and Darren Matthews show The Good The Bad & The Sunburnt plays at The Nook, at The Producers and opens on February 23 (opening night SOLD OUT) and runs to March 2 (no show Monday 26th).

Tickets From: https://www.adelaidefringe.com.au/fringetix/the-good-the-bad-and-the-sunburnt-af2018