Jason Pestell is one of my favourite stand ups. He doesn’t rely of nasty themes, a potty mouth or picking on his audience. He once saved a guys life using an app on his phone. He can grow one of the most majestic beards you will ever see. This year Jason is doing a show in the Fringe called KMART IS LIFE. We asked him some questions and hoped there would need to be a clean up on aisle three.

Doing a show about how Kmart is Life is a bold move, have you got a sponsorship deal with them?
I don’t think it was a bold move, more of a Rose Gold move to keep up to date with current trends. I wanted to push myself a little creatively by writing a show entirely about one particular discount store. I currently don’t have a sponsorship deal but am open to discounted home wares for comment.

How do you stay true to Kmart in this ever changing discount store world full of Aldi and CostCo?
Honestly, I have never set foot in an Aldi store in my life. This might be hard to believe despite my German heritage. My German-born mother instilled in me a love for the bargain or “Das Schnäppchen”. But as the old saying goes “If a tree falls in a forest, is made into discounted homewares and no one is around to hear about it, was it a bargain?

What is the best thing you have ever picked up at a Kmart?
It’s hard to choose between a carton of Australia’s Choice Cola back in 1994 for $10 or the $89 vacuum I bought last year. They did inspire me to start an Instagram called Kmart Lad. For Kmart Satire and Auto you can check him out here:  https://www.instagram.com/kmartlad/

Are the people of Kmart as hilarious as the people of Walmart?
I can’t speak for Walmart people but as a member of the Facebook group Kmart Mums Australia!!! I can honestly say it seems they take Kmart too seriously. Kmart, like life, shouldn’t be taken so seriously. But if you must laugh at Kmart people come see Kmart is Life.

What is the best Fringe Show you have ever seen?
So many, I have seen a Rhino Room Late Show go to 3am. I have also seen today’s superstars of comedy play to 4 people in a shed which I think is what the Fringe is about. Go out and see some shows with all the money you saved at Kmart.

Interview by Ian Bell

Jason Pestell: Kmart is Life is on at Rhino on Raj 54 Hyde St, Adelaide
In Store March 6 – March 17. (No show Monday) at 6:45pm.

Tix from: https://adelaidefringe.com.au/fringetix/jason-pestell-kmart-is-life-af2018

Jason Pestell - Kmart