Georgie Carroll has had a great twelve months. Sold out shows, winning awards getting on the telly box. And she is a mum, wife and a nurse. Her appearances on Channel 10’s Have You Been Paying Attention have brought her to a much wider audience and she is a natural on the small screen. I’ve been seeing her do stand up since she started and it is rare to see a performer so together and professional (not to mention bloody funny) right from the start. She comes from that fine tradition of UK comedians like Victoria Wood and Sarah Millican, who are self deprecating and embarrassed by absolutely zero. Georgie Carroll is a bloody ripper and if previous years are anything to go by, tickets for her run during Fringe will be one of the hottest in town.

You are an actual, real life nurse person. Are sick people an endless source of material?
The Nurses are sicker than the patients, so Yes Ian.

As a medical professional have you ever had to assist a comic whose act has died on stage?
We call it mopping up in the comedy world- and yes- many times. People have also had to ”mop up” after me- if you never fail you never grow.

You have been on the telly quite a bit recently, has appearing on Have You Been Paying Attention changed your audience much?
Yes, it used to be mostly nurses but I get a lot more Gen-Pop now. It has been brilliant- I can move away from the hospital stories that I have loved and move into other areas. This show is pretty much about how nurses should run the world rather than our day to day work.

You have kids, what do they think of their mum being a) a nurse and b) a  stand up? Ohh- they got the double whammy- Nurses are tough parents and Comics are brutal. As a result they are pretty tough. the shift working and touring means they are pretty independent, they can cook and wash clothes and get themselves around, that sort of thing. I think it is tough for them me not being around all the time, My parents were explorers of sorts, always off climbing mountains and crossing the Antarctic so they would disappear for weeks and I would hate it, but life is a marathon and I reckon I was inspired rather than neglected, so hopefully my kids will feel the same.

What is the best Fringe Show you have ever seen?
Too many mate. Best stand up hour was by Celia Pacquola a couple of years ago, I was ready to quit after watching that. Nothing brings me more joy though than stepping in an unknowns room and seeing them just smash out there best selves- amateur mental ism, old people choirs that sort of thing. Defo take a punt on an unknown, its an hour of your life and the acts will appreciate it so much.

Interview by Ian Bell

Nurse Georgie Carroll – The Gloves Are Off, plays March 2 – 18 at The Speakeasy at Gluttony. Tickets from Fringetix

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