The Adelaide leg of the HITMEN TDK tour turned on an extra special surprise when Australian punk rock legends THE EXPLODING WHITE MICE took over the end of PRO-TOOLS set on Saturday night. Andy McQueen who plays bass for Pro-Tools was a member of the Mice back in the day, but few were expecting original Mice vocalist Paul Gilchrist and sensational long time guitarist/vocalist Jeff Stephens to appear on stage together for the first time in at least a decade.

Gilchrist walked up behind Pro-Tools singer and guitar player Pete ‘The Stud’ Howlett and indicated he should get off the stage. Stephens plugged in and they let rip with a white hot four song set featuring Pills (Bo Diddley via New York Dolls), their version of The Stooges Down on The Street, Burning Red (A Nest of Vipers) and winding up with Fear (Late at Night) the opening track of the Mice’s Brute Force & Ignorance album from 1988. The crowd went absolutely nuts to see catch this rare outing by The Exploding White Mice. Stay tuned to Hi-Fi Way The Pop Chronicles for full gig review and photo galleries from the show very soon.