Everybody is familiar with the concept of the wedding singer. The guy at the wedding reception singing songs that sums up the wonder of love. Songs about the magic of finding that special someone to spend the rest of your life with. But what about if you’ve been through all that and it hasn’t worked out. The life you were building with that special somebody has not ended well and after some time you have decided to give marriage a second, less innocent, try. What songs do you have at your second stab at matrimony?

That is where The Second Wedding Singer comes in. Simon Hall (better known as Yon from Tripod) is available to serve you up an all you can eat smorgasbord of no nonsense truth bombs to set your second go at wedded bliss a more realistic course. Wearing a spectacular lounge singer jacket and fronting a ten piece brass band (seriously), dubbed The Brass Ring, Hall is the MC of the hopeful couple’s second ride on the wedding-go-round.

The songs are fantastic, beautifully arranged and hilariously funny. His banter is top notch and wonderfully cutting. “I like to think of a marriage like an Sunnyboy. Once you’ve sucked all the juice out, you are left with a cold block of ice!” says Simon before The Juice Is Gone, which contains some brilliant despondent choreography. Songs like Left Out of a Threesome, Guilt Is My Engine and the magnificent My Parents Break Up (was Better Than Your Parents Break Up) are all comedy gold. The Brass Ring are made up of members of The Marion City Brass and do a terrific job.

Hall over shares details of the couple’s past lives, and gives some none too hopeful encouragement for the future. (She’s) His Schnookums Now, The Man She Knew He Could Be and the fantastic You Don’t Know For Sure (That This Won’t Work Out), all hit a great balance of being excellent musically and blisteringly and darkly funny. It succeeds in precisely the way his first solo Cab Fest show (Prism of Sexy Thoughts) in 2014 missed the mark by going so way too far into wrong town than even the most die-hard on-side Tripod fans were comfortable with.

The show ends with Simon leading the happy couple through the audience followed by the members of The Brass Ring singing the a cappella Love O’Clock.

Review by Ian Bell