The prospect of going to a dance party for rug rats might fill some parents with horror at being somewhere playing the Wiggles and Thomas the Tank Engine theme song for an inescapable and torturous hour. Thank goodness then that we have KID / DUB. The baby sister to the phenomenally popular Hot Dub Time Machine, KID / DUB chooses it tunes from the same sixty years of rock and pop music and the kids absolutely love it.

Our host is Lulu Loud (aka Alexandra Plim wife of HDTM main main Tom) and she is DJ, time travelling guide, cheer leader and fun commander. She wears a shimmery dress, leaps around the stage, lies on the floor, gets the room exciting and leads the dancing. And mark my words, EVERYBODY dances. The kids love the music, the glitter, bubbles, balloons and glow sticks and the parent love the great tunes, getting to have a dance with no need for a baby sitter, calling an Uber or remembering a hang over cure.

The music is absolutely cranking. From Bill Haley, The Beatles, through disco, funk, Nirvana, hip hop and right up to today’s current charts there is literally something for everybody. HDTM is an epic three hour roller-coaster ride, but KID / DUB is a beautifully condensed and concise one hour, at eleven o’clock in the morning. So For the kids it’s an exciting way to spend the day and for Mum and / or Dad it’s a chance to get a dance in, get a one hour work out, do something fun with the kids without it being a major palaver or busting the bank. My four year old absolutely LOVED it. Wear comfy dancing shoes.

There are two more KID/DUB sessions this weekend on Saturday March 18 and Sunday March 19, at the beautiful Magic Mirror Spiegeltent in the Garden of Unearthly Delight.

Review by Ian Bell