It doesn’t happen every Fringe, but every couple of years a show seems to pop up out of nowhere, the word of mouth sets tongue wagging and suddenly everybody is talking about the ‘must see’ show. I have had friends overseas raving about Sweden’s, crazy musical circus Sirqus Alfon for the last three years. After spending an hour in a jam packed tent in the Royal Croquet Club I can certainly see why.

Form the incredible hand held light show at the start, to immersive video games, rockin’ jams, the highly innovative use of technology, smart phones, cameras combine with their comedic talent, excellent timing and sense of wonder and fun, the three piece troop have us eating out of the palm of their hand for the moment the lights go down. They encourage you to use your phones and to hash tag them on social media.

The audience participation is not vicious or embarrassing on the contrary they are nothing but a swirling hurricane of positive. The music is great. The sight gags unexpected and the surprises genuine and hilarious. Everybody in the audience is part of the show and by the end everybody is exhausted and wearing goofy smiles on their faces.

On the way out I was thinking, if we were doing star ratings for Fringe shows this year, how many stars would Sirqus Alfon be getting. The answer is simple. They would get ALL the stars. All of them. Go and see Sirqus Alfon. Thank me later.

Sirqus Alfon is playing at Ukito at the Royal Croquette Club til March 19th at 9:30pm. Tickets at Fringe-Tix.

Review by Ian Bell