Considering the main players Kel Balnaves and Leigh Qurban have in recent years been involved in Fringe success stories including Wolf Creek The Musical and The Sound of Nazis, it is obvious that isn’t going to be any run of the mill sketch comedy show. Essentially a collection of character driven comedy pieces connected with a paper thin plot/device, but it is so ridiculously funny you spend the whole show laughing and not worrying to much about the plot.

In brief one of the members of the Wudidonga (Woody Donga – get it?) RSL has lost all the clubs money on the GGs (again) and the most obvious course of action is to run a fund raiser for a non-existent charity to recoup the funds. Balnaves idiot MC has shades of Micaleff’s Milo Kerrigan and he introduces various acts doing their ‘turns’ for a charity who’s acronym is too rude to include in this review. Over the course of the night the MC introduces, comedians, wrestling matches, a meat tray raffle, a beauty contest and many more acts helping out for the (unspeakable) worthy cause.

A special appearance by Daryl Braithwaite is an absolute highlight. It’s sketch comedy and I don’t want to be Mr Spoiler-pants, but the room was filled with people howling with laughter often with that wonderful explosive quality that humour that hits you from an angle you weren’t expecting can elicit. Some of it is childish, puerile and stupid, but you are too busy laughing to care. The shows musical finale is one of those fantastically dumb jokes that gets funnier and funnier the longer it goes on (and it goes on for quite a while). Do yourself a favour and go and support some local lads giving it their all for a (made up) worthy cause.

Review by Ian Bell