Returning to Adelaide for what can only be described as a very successful run Late Night Letters & Numbers, has clearly found it’s audience in this city. Essentially a comedic take on the much loved but comparatively short lived game show on SBS.  Letters & Numbers is like a pub quiz, but without all those pesky sports and general knowledge questions.

It’s an audience participation show featuring word puzzles and mathematical problem solving. Sound nerdy? Absolutely! The comedian contestants do their best to win each round, but the audience are vocal, enthusiastic, a bit drunk. Controversies abound with claims that words are not in the dictionary, and that peoples maths equations don’t ad up.

There is even the opportunity to win a symbol of Pi ice cube tray, to cool those nerdy drinks! Host Nick Caddaye is a wonderful curmudgeon, keeping things (mainly) on a steady course and occasionally appearing like a frustrated school teacher when the audience gets a little too rambunctious. My suggestion for next year – book early!

Review by Ian Bell

Late Night Numbers & Letters is on for three shows only 9:30pm on February 16, 17 and 18 at Auditorium at The Science Exchange (55 Exchange Place). Tickets from Fringe Tix.