Remember how you liked to go out and dance to good music? Way back in the olden days before you had kids and the idea of going out after sunset, finding a sitter and the energy needed just stay up all night were all much easier to deal with? Maybe you used to go to a fantastic dance party like Hot Dub Time Machine playing top tunes from sixty years of pop. Perhaps that is where you met the person of your dreams, pitched a little whoo, fell in love got hitched and started having babies. Oh they were great days weren’t they? The music and the dancing and the fun times? But the focus is on the kids these days and I guess those days are over.

Well you couldn’t be more wrong my friends! This Adelaide Fringe sees the launch of KID / DUB, a dance party for little kids. It’s being steered by Alexandra Plim (whose partner is Tom Loud the creator of Hot Dub Time Machine) and it’s a chance for kids and their parents to have a dance together to some great music at a reasonable time, without getting sore feet or a terrible hang-over. Far from a solid block of endless songs by the Wiggles and Sesame Street, KID / DUB mines a similar musical history to Hot Dub, but does it in an hour and in a format that will give kids as well as mums & dads really happy feet. We spoke to Alexandra about KID/ DUB.

KID / DUB looks like it is going to be masses of fun, are you finding the parents are having just as much time being able to have a dance at a more ‘parent friendly’ time?
Yes, absolutely. Once the parents and family members work out that they’re allowed on the dance floor too, and in fact crucial for optimum Kid Dub time-travelling, they are out there busting a move and showing the kids how it’s done! Finally they can get in a quick 1 hour rave before nap time!

Little kids seem to like lots of different types of music these days, for instance my four year old loves The Ramones and Gorillaz. Do parents think Kid/Dub is going to be all Wiggles and Elmo songs?
I’m not sure, the parents seem delirious with relief, when we don’t play any kids music at all. Which we don’t. Like none. (Except 1 or 2 exceptions) Kids seem to be across lots of different types of music now, probably because of Mum or Dad and but mostly its thanks to dear old “The Internet” and Aunty YouTube.

What tracks are sure fire dance floor fillers with a younger audience?
Hard to tell sometimes, because kids are crazy unpredictable little maniacs but I would say definitely music that has been released in their lifetime. Anywhere, say, in the last 1-7 years? For example Tay Tay and Bieber. But of course, thanks to the magic of the internet, they cut sick to disco, funk, rock, grunge, rave and anything that either has a good beat or an eye catching video clip. So far, we’ve found that songs with specific dance moves are particularly popular. Those and Blister in the Sun, by The Violent Femmes, goes nuts every time.

Hot Dub covers sixty years of music, as Kid Dub audiences are a lot younger does the playlist go back quite that far? (Imagines six year old going ‘Oh man, remember when this came out when I was four – old school. In fact old pre-school)?
Absolutely, Kid Dub goes all the way back to 1954! Kids seem to dig rock and roll and old school music. Sure, some music sometimes goes right over their little heads, and it’s hard to predict what will flop and what will go off. But we’re working pretty hard trying to refine the song list and really keep them hooked. And, it’s such a great opportunity to show kids where pop music comes from, whilst sharing with them some of the greatest songs of all time!

Kid/Dubs big brother show Hot Dub Time Machine has become a International touring mega-show. Are there plans to take Kid/Dub overseas too?
Sure! If there is interest in us taking the show overseas, we’d totally be up for it. Although, that would mean shipping the whole Hot Dub/ Kid Dub family (ie. 2 kids under 5) overseas and that’s always a big (expensive) operation. Maybe we’d be able to work something in between or in tandem with our Hot Dub commitments. Fingers crossed.

KID / DUB is at the Magic Mirror Spiegeltent in the Garden of Unearthly Delights for five shows only. March 11, 12, 13 and 18, 19 at the very reasonable time of 11am. Tickets are available from Fringe Tix.

Interview by Ian Bell.