Mr Snot Bottom is a comedian for children. And he is very rude! He tells jokes about farting and bottoms and poo. And kids loose their freaking minds at a Mr Snot Bottom show. There are naughty songs and funny interactive videos, audience participation but most of all is Mr Snot Bottom. The creation of rubber faced, ex-Adelaide stand-up Mark Trenwith Mr Snot Bottom has for the last few years been talking about boogers and smells with kids all over the world and they LOVE him. He brings his new show Mr Snot Bottom’s Seriously Stinky Songs to Adelaide Fringe 2017, so we had a chat with the man himself.

Is there anything that kids find funnier than jokes about farts, boogers and poo?
Yes, wee-wee.   To answer (somewhat) seriously kids and adults have very similar senses of humour, they just laugh with a lot more intensity. Also because they lack life experience their minds get blown by anything out of context! For example if you ask a kid how old they are and they say ‘7’ and then you reply with “No way, I’m 7!” They react as if it’s genuinely the craziest thing they’ve ever heard. Try it, you can have that on for free. Actually no… $5.  I need the money.

Your shows have some audience participation, are kids more unpredictable than grown ups?
Yes, because they don’t have the same filters and can get away with a lot more. I’ve had kids wack me in the groin on stage numerous times. Not only do they see nothing wrong with that but they also won’t get thrown out by security. They’re like little psychopaths that society lets roam freely.

There are a lot of songs about stinky things in the new show, what sort of things can we expect?
Ha yes I can’t wait! Expect songs with titles like I Live In Your GutsGhost In My Loo and My Head Exploded.  They’ve been co written with some very talented people such as Benny Davis from Axis of Awesome and Tom Bettany from The Beards.

I notice on you website there are Mr Snot Bottom colouring in pages, can we hope for a Mr Snot Bottom action figure that farts? Or Scratch and sniff stinky sticker books?
That’s amazing, you should work in marketing – or fartketing- no that’s a really bad joke. I would love to sell hankies that have booger stains already sewn into the material or bum shaped soap dispensers that squeeze out brown colored gel, or my Mum…. you can have her for $5 if you like….. I need the money.

Are Adelaide kids more stinky than kids in other places?
Are you serious they’re the worst! I was in Scotland doing a show and I was like ‘man these kids stink!’ Then I realised ‘oh wait, that’s actually just the kids from Adelaide I can smell……ALL THE WAY FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE PLANET!’

So…. hows about that 5 bucks?

Mr Snot Bottom’s Seriously Stinky Songs plays at The Speakeasy at Gluttony from March 11 at 12 noon. Tickets from Fringe Tix.