Jason Pestell is one of the nicest men you will ever meet. Stand-up comedian, fixer of phones, ardent U2 fan club member. His comedy doesn’t rely on harsh language or combative subject matter, he just knows how to tell a good story and knows how to find the extraordinary comedic gems in the observational humour of life. But Jason is 36 years old and thinking it might be time to leave the limbo world between puberty and adolescence and at least consider investigating this whole ‘adult’ thing. His 2017 Adelaide Fringe show is called Planned Adolescence and the poster features this lovely comedian with less clothes on than ever before.

Your last few Fringe posters have featured you with less and less clothes on. What do your parents think of this marketing strategy?
My parents are big supporters of what I do. They live in Perth and when I called them I asked my Mum what she thought. There was just silence, then my Dad asking if I was going to get my dick out next year.

You are one of the few stand-up’s I can think of that seems to hardly ever swear on stage, do you secretly swear like a sailor off stage?
Yeah I made a decision early on to limit swearing on stage. I save up my swears for Adelaide traffic.

Your 2017 Fringe Show Planned Adolescence is a show about deciding it is time to grow up at 36 years old. What has lead to this drastic decision?
The majority of my friends are home owners, married with kids. I guess it’s a show about giving up on your dreams and joining the real world… Or not.

In previous years you have had an impressive range of merchandise available at your shows, what have you got in store for people this year?
It all depends on how many Vista Print coupons I can exploit. They seem to have cracked down so I can’t print 20 mugs for $50 any more.

Not many Adelaide comedians have saved a life with a mobile phone and been recruited as facial hair models, what strange life turn would you like to have happen next, or what would be useful for future shows?
You can’t plan these things. I suppose get married, have twins or get married to twins.

Interview by Ian Bell

Jason Pestell: Planned Adolescence is on at Gluttony – The Piglet from February 27 to March 5 (No show Monday) at 8pm. Tickets from Fringe Tix.

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