Georgie Carroll arrived in Australia in 2009 and less than a year later decided to have a crack at stand up comedy. She quickly built a solid reputation as a hilarious and talented comedian. She reached the national finals of RAW in 2012 and in that same year won ‘Most prolific writer’ and ‘Adelaide Comedian of the Year. Both of her full length shows Nurse Case Scenario (2013) and last years Gauze & Affect draw inspiration from her day job as a nurse. Both have been critically acclaimed and left audiences rolling in the aisle. Gauze did so well that she is doing a strictly limited run again this year by public demand. It has had sold out runs in Adelaide, Melbourne and the Edinburgh Fringe.

You are a stand up comedian and also a real life, truly ruley nurse. Is laughter really the best medicine? Or is it more often oxycodine or morphine?
Depends on the patient I suppose, if they are a decent sort of human laughter usually cuts it. If they are being a twat, propofol is best practice.

What is the funniest thing you have ever seen in an emergency room?
Ah! That would be telling. I love a good slapstick admission- had a dad in once who was trying to rescue his daughters escaped hamster. He had twisted his ankle chasing it, then reached behind a cupboard to grab it and electrocuted himself on some wiring then banged his head after the electric shock zapped him backwards. Probably not worth it for a hamster, but deffo worth it for a daughter.

After some of the thing you must see and deal with as a nurse, does in make dealing with hecklers a piece of cake?
I can kind of talk to any one I suppose. Hospitals can be pretty brutal for heckling and it does toughen you up. I can pretty much talk anyone down now.

You hadn’t done stand up before moving to Australia in 2009, but took to it like a duck to water. You were quickly kicking goals, winning awards and selling out shows. How was it taking your comedy back to the UK?
Taking my comedy back to the UK went bonza. Did a gig in my home town which was probably my favourite gig of my life. I did Edinburgh comedy fest too. Funny pitting yourself against the best of the best of the best on the planet- found that a good attitude helped. I pictured the festival like a Godzilla, you could try and conquer it and probably get squashed or eaten alive or you could just deal with the people that landed in front of you each gig and try and give them your best hour leaving lots of time to marvel at Godzilla doing its thing.

Tell us about your 2017 Adelaide Fringe Show Guaze & Affect.
BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND DUE TO COMPLETE SELL OUT 2016. 2 SHOWS ONLY! Nurse/Multi award winning comedian starts another infectious laughter epidemic more voracious than Ebola. Best medical advice-Buy tickets early & simply press your buzzer when you wet yourself. “You’ll never watch an episode of ER or Grey’s Anatomy the same way again”

That sounds suspiciously like the  entire entry for Georgie’s show in the Fringe Guide!

Interview by Ian Bell

Georgie Carroll : Gauze and Affect plays two shows only at The Peacock at Gluttony (Feb 22 and Mar 1st) at 8:30pm. Tickets from Fringe Tix.