Adelaide comedians Kel Balnaves & Leigh Qurban are legends in this town. Both fantastic stand-up comedians, but in recent times they have appeared in the sell-out alternative musical comedies Wolf Creek The Musical and The Sound of Nazis. Wolf Creek turned into an unlikely smash hit, playing to sold out houses across the country and gaining such a cult following that the director of the Wolf Creek movie came to see it and give it blessing.

The Sound of Nazis gave the classic Julie Andrews a very different slant on the original. Like Wolf Creek before it, TSON had a massive run of sold out shows in the Adelaide, Perth and Melbourne festivals. Balnaves and Quoban put together The Wudidonga Arts Review, one of the strangest and bizarre comedy shows you’ll ever see and it was such a popular cult hit last year they are returning by popular demand. The Wudidonga Arts Review is a show about a show. One of the board members of the RSL has lost everything on the dogs and in order to recoup the cash, they decide to put on a show. What could possibly go wrong?

Kel and Leigh, you have both recently appeared in crazy musical comedy shows (Wolf Creek The Musical & The Sound of Nazis respectively). Were they your first musical projects?
Yes, if you don’t count nervous awkward appearances in high school musicals!

You are both from Adelaide, which seems to have a very supportive comedy community, especially when people are starting out. How important has that been in the development of what you do?
Yes it does! It’s a fantastic place to start. There is a lot of creativity within the scene and acts feel comfortable to try something new and different. There is a lot of encouragement. This has been very important in the development of The Wudidonga Arts Revue as we were able to test and develop the show with wonderful support from those within the Adelaide Comedy community.

Tell us about your 2017 Fringe Show The Wudidonga Arts Revue.
Wudidonga is great little Aussie town. Unfortunately one of the board members of the RSL has got himself into a bit of… trouble. So the RSL board is putting on an arts revue to raise money for a fake charity so they can bail old mate Frogger out. All the Wudidonga locals are going to perform and showcase their talents and its hosted by local personality Torpy! It’s sketch comedy madness set in a country town. Lots of fun!

It seems to be a show within a show, a bit like The Producers, is this like a Fringe version of Inception or Being John Malkovich?
This is an interesting take! In a way it is. I don’t consider our fun loving show to be as complicated but, like those films, it does have the potential to break your brain. In the best possible way!

Will there be salami underwear?
Haha! Umm no comment. You will have to find out!

The Wudidonga Arts Revue plays at The Producers Warehouse from Feb 16 – March 3rd at 8:30pm. Tickets from Fringe Tix.

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